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#malemadnessmonday: A man’s beauty evolution

Oh hey! It’s another Monday! What did your guy look like when he woke up this morning? Did he occupy the bathroom longer than necessary? Or did he just hurry his way out to work after pulling on a jeans and a jumper and running a careless hand through his bed hair?

We were wondering: there are more than enough videos about women’s style and beauty evolution, but men always seem to be running behind. As over the years they have been spending more time grooming -however the ‘lumbersexual’ with his manbun doesn’t seem to care that much – their looks have evolved, and we’ve found a video to illustrate the progress:

And because men became more aware of their looks since they’ve come out of their caves, the beauty standards worldwide of how a man can be labeled as attractive has also changed, which Buzzfeed has nicely captured below:

It’s totally understandable that you’ll look at your Mr Lover Lover differently tomorrow morning…

We had some discussions about ‘objectifying’ men with the introduction of our #malemadnessmonday feature, though we believe that on both sides of the male and female spectrum, it just comes down to enjoying a certain aesthetic. As long as we don’t forget it’s the inside that counts, we’ll keep serving you bundles of masculine attractiveness.

You are very welcome.

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