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Who are we?

Wandering fashion encyclopedia | determined dreamer | self acclaimed pastry chef | inspirational traveller  | übertalented stylist | faithful foodist | aspiring photographer | beauty enthusiast | budget shopaholic | music lover | arthouse movie liker | indefatigable partygirl | avid magazines- and book collector…and the list goes on…*sigh*

We’re all that (or at least we wish we are…*wink*) in our small team of multitalented and multitasking peeps.


The Team

Karine Bloem | Owner | Founder | Executive Editor | Basically writes about all subjects, but mainly focussed on Lifestyle, Food & Travel
Sacha de Vries | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle Contributor and occasional photographer
Lukas Foks | Travel & Lifestyle contributor
Annika Hoogeveen | Travel & Music/Events Contributor and photographer from the upper North of Holland
Juan Velasquez de Caceres | Fashion, Music, Movies, Series, Food? Whatever makes him tick. And wanna type.


“When the world wants you to take it too seriously, come over here and we’ll show you a good time!”

Enjoy your visit,

Karine Bloem

Owner | Founder | Executive Editor