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Best Budget Buy: FOREVER21 Faux-leather clutch bag

BBB_Forever21_clutch_bag Jeans culture is a thing in the Dutchland. Plain jeans plus white tee and we’re good to go out for work, right? At The Digitalistas, we beg to differ; partially because we think your style is your authenticity but mostly because we’re super fabulous (LOL).

One of our classic moves + first world problems is that we occasionally find ourselves at home being severely bummed out, drooping on our couches. Why, you ask? Well, probably because of the fact that we just pulled an awesome outfit whereas we have nowhere to show it off!

Because this happens to me all the time, I figured it was about time to buy a coordinating bag to fit the mood. And hey, whenever Christian Grey is ready to scrape me off that white leather Chesterfield… at least I’ll look sensational.

Style with ripped girlfriend jeans, chunky boots and awkward fitting room selfies or with elegant wide leg trousers and high heels.



BBB_Forever21_clutch_bag_front BBB_Forver21_clutch_bag_backBuy yours now at the Forever21 web shop.

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