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Advertorial: Save your savings

LPB_img2Us Dutchies are well known for being good at saving money. It’s a sort of generation-on-generation thing. We have collectively learned in our youth to save, because you never know when you could face unexpected expenses.

Nevertheless, as research points out, changes in our savings behavior have occurred. Nowadays we rather use the quick and easy savings accounts, yet these offer low interests. This means we’re losing 1 to 1,5 billion euros of savings interest per year (approx. €200-€300 per household)!

Especially young professionals and young families (average age 25-35 years old) seem to settle with the low interest savings accounts because these are accessible at any time, though this is the generation to profit from larger saving amounts.

What do we save for?
Random research amongst Dutch men and women aged 25-40, asking them what they save for results in: 

Travel: 59%
Home furbishing: 43%
Wining and dining: 40%
Automobile | Clothing/personal care: -/+25%
Less than 1/5 spends their money on movies, music, games and books

How can we profitably save?

LeasePlan Bank is a 100% Dutch savings bank with only one head office and a website to keep it all transparant and functional. As handling savings accounts is their core business they offer higher saving interests than a regular bank; less fuss, more money!

Whatever the amount you intend to save, it’s about peace of mind and realizing small and big dreams.

Are you curious about the amount of saving interests you can add up to what you have been saving until now? Calculate it here. Happy Saving!



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  1. Poulsen augustus 31, 2014

    I love to save up in an old jar or something. Then open it up when I want to spend money on myself. Its like getting some money you did notknow you had :-) Im Danish and nut Dutch, so I guess Danish people can save also. Although I guess that we should do it some more here in Denmark :-)

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