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Wake Up In Art

WakeUpinArt3This is a concept for a participant to be matched to an artist in Rotterdam for an overnight stay hosted at the artists’ studio or home. It acts as an introduction for those individuals who seek an experience beyond simply attending an art exhibition.

Rotterdam was at the centre of the artistic collective in Holland, bringing together young artists to established names from all backgrounds to partake in the Art Fair. RAW housed mainly upcoming artists’ and felt like a hub for selling and story telling.

Exhibition: Tec Art was a forward step into a virtual and interactive world of installations.  Pieces captivated an audience of all ages and varied levels of artistic interest. There was a hint of humour without taking away from poignant progression with installations.  The focus on art and not selling was an enjoyable shift from previous fairs.

The element of surprise is key to the concept of Wake Up in Art, from the arrangement of artist and participant, to the experience itself.  For the stay I was paired with the successful couple Madje Vollaers and Pascal Zwart (Buro VollaersZwart) who created the term “city dressers”. Together they dress cities and festivals with unique eclectic touches.

The enriched conversation and enthusiastic artists’ Madje and Pascal provided a special stay equipped with great hospitality. As new kid on the block my eyes and ears are open to discussing passions and discovering new places. I was thrilled to be continuously surprised throughout the evening, the experience took me further than an average art exhibition trip. I was educated on downtown Rotterdam and it’s recent facelift all from an exhilarating boat ride. Breakfast even spurred on relaxed inspiring conversation reminiscing about the party hosted by RAW and our shared enthusiasm for covering a tower in a corset. The artists’ were as adventurous as I for taking part.

Contact with the artists’ was integral to the experience of Wake Up in Art. To express creativity and perspective one-on-one with such respected artists is a success of Wake Up in Art, to bring together personalities and opinion.


‘Life is beautiful – that is why we celebrate everything!’

-Madje Vollaers

Wake Up in Art is part of Wake Up in It. Check the website to find more information about other festivals and cultural events for which related overnight stays are organized.

Text: Shereen McFadden

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