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Digitalistic Dilemma’s: Tess van Daelen

Here are some new digitalistic dilemma’s and brand new backstage snapshots of the TO Wear It Well shoot on with fashion professional Tess van Daelen.

The Digitalistas have a fashionable collaboration with Dutch webshop/blog For each ‘To Wear it Well’-story, the person in question is submitted to a few Digitalistic Dilemma’s. This week we feature journalist and blogger Tess.

Advanced Style or The Sartorialist?
Advanced Style, since I absolutely love to watch these older ladies work their statement style. I could definitely still learn something from them.”

Spectator or dancer?
“Spectator I guess, because I definitely need to perfect my dance moves first before I should jump into the limelight.”

Suzy Menkes or Carine Roitfeld?
Suzy Menkes, because she is a serious journalist and because of her signature hair roll.”

Find the complete interview with Tess in here.

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