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Goodiebag recession: we think it is!

Goodies goodies goodies

The Amsterdam International Fashion Week has come to an end. It was a week full of fashion, fun, beautiful people, nice food, cupcakes and pink champaign. But also a week full of goodiebags. And did we already tell you we love goodies, especially when they’re for free and worth a lot of money. We checked all goodiebags of this week. Read the result and our opinion in here!

Jan Taminiau & Mattijs

Goodiebag 1: Jan Taminiau & Mattijs
This was a ‘two-in-one-goodie’. The score:

Magazine Marie Claire
Magazine Nouveau
2 Color Sensation lipstick of Maybelline
1 Redken Body Full Weightlifter
2 lipbalms
1 horrible red bracelet of the AIFW

Elsien Gringhuis

Goodiebag 2: Elsien Gringhuis
Redken hair & make up collector. Box full of make up and hair goodies, like:
1 lipgloss
1 nailcolor
1 metallic glam eye lumaniser
1 blow dry lotion
1 ultra straight balm
1 Maybelline Affinitone powder


Goodiebag 3: Individuals
1 parfum of Idylle, Guerlain
1 butterfly pin

Mada van Gaans

Goodiebag 4: Mada van Gaans
2 pencils (??)
1 Redken Blonde Glam color enchancer
1 Ariane Inden skin care & make up clinic treatment (we like!)

Camilla Norrback

Goodiebag 5: Camilla Norrback
1 cotton bag which we’re never gonna use, because we think it’s ugly and the name ‘Volvo’ is on it.
1 keyring
1 book of Dutch writer Martin Bril who passed away recently
1 Volvo brochure (why? If we have the money to buy a car…)

Collectie Arnhem

Goodiebag 6: Collectie Arnhem
A lot of bullsh*t

Claes Iversen

Goodiebag 7: Claes Iversen
1 Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara
1 Redken Ultra Shine balm

Goodiebag 8: Supertrash
We need a whole article about this one. You can read it in here


Goodiebag 9: EnD

Hang on, because we had the most awful goodies ever in this goodiebag. The girls of EnD gave us Beppies!!! Yes, you read it well: they gave us tampons….

Also in the bag:
1 Maybelline Color Sensation lipgloss
1 Magazine (Cosmopolitan)

Claudia Strater

Goodiebag 10: Claudia Strater
1 scarf (we like!)
1 notebook
1 Rituals bodylotion


Goodiebag 11: Replay
1 Redken hair & body wash for men (why for men? That’s so unfair)
1 Redken Curl Perfection lotion
1 Campari drink (Digitalista K. and M. were very happy with that)
1 Campari spoon
1 awful leather bracelet

Bibi van der Velden

Goodiebag 12: Bibi van der Velden

Our conclusion: a real goodiebag recession. The worst Fashion Week of goodiebags: a lot of paperwork (save the trees!!!), ugly things (what do we have to do with a red plastic bracelet?), weird thing (uhm… tampons?!?) and no real stuff like the ones in the Supertrash goodiebag.

Shame on you, AIFW! Next time we want goodiebags like this one. We miss the good old days….

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