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Get your Chanel tattoos on!

Chanel tattoos

Did you already get your Chanel tattoo? I even seriously thought about a ‘real’ Chanel logo tattoo on my ankle…but first it would be better to try a fake one. The Chanel ‘trompe l’oeil temporary tattoos- hand-drawn by Peter Philips- are available at the Chanel online store as of this moment.

The set of 55 unique limited edition referencing to iconic Chanel symbols costs $75,-

Les Trompe L'oeil by Chanel

Run, run before it’s too late!


  1. lalainestylist februari 19, 2010

    Add a bit of rock ‘n’ roll don’t they?! Love them, maybe I’ll get one to wear on my ankle.

  2. RvW februari 19, 2010

    Hello lalinestylist, you get your Chanel tattoo. Bit rock ‘n’ Roll indeed. Super sexy on the ankle.

  3. Jasmine mei 13, 2010

    your wackk!

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