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Digitalistic hotelroom: DO KNIT DISTURB


Since knitting has become trendy again, it pops up in every ‘unexpected’ corner. Like guys knitting balls for the Christmas tree, or a knitted hotelroom. We hear you think: “How is that possible?” Okay, not the hotelroom itself, but most of what’s featured in it. The phone, the lamp, the curtainholder, the breakfast…


Ben Sherman: ‘An Englishman in New York’

ยฉ Ben Sherman. A/W '12 lookbook

It is actually one of my favourite songs from Sting. ‘An Englishman in New York’ can be interpreted in many ways, and I was very much inspired by the way UK brand Ben Sherman translated the theme in their A/W ’12 campaign, in collaboration with Dazed & Confused. They presented the collection in Amsterdam yesterday, and I had a little chat with Mark Maidment, Creative Director of the brand. Read the interview after the jump >>>


Digitalistic tunes: Cha-Cha

The girl in the video...

So funny! When the blonde girl in the pink parka from the video still has her geeky glasses on she resembles our Dutch actress/presenter Hannah Verboom. Beside that doppelganger effect, we like the fresh tunes from the band Cha-Cha. Discovered via a fellow blog, RDuJour. And as we like British bands and their cool sense of style…We could ‘ve just ran into these guys at Brick Lane!