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What we’ve spotted @ S/S ’12 Pressdays part I


The last weeks have been packed with visits to the press-agencies and showrooms in Amsterdam, to catch a glimpse of the S/S ’12 collections. This is part I of a compilation of the things we came across and liked. Whether it was the overall presentation, or items that caught our eye. Check it out after the jump! >>>

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Claes Iversen S/S ’12

Yesterday evening, one of our favourites of the Dutch fashion scene, Claes Iversen, presented his Spring/Summer ’12 collection in an empty office-building. The show started with a short black & white video, featuring the Dutch actress Liz Snoyink.

The theme of the collection is based on the lovestory of a woman and her meticulously composed wardrobe. But it also underlines that fame and wealth go hand in hand with loneliness and transciency. Claes took some famous 5th-Avenue-ladies as an example like Jacky Kennedy, Nan Kempner and Mona von Bismarck; rich, upper-class figureheads, that posessed impressive private couture-collections, and at the same time their lives were marked by loneliness and melancholia.