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Tag: Love

Sweet Saturday Sounds: Introducing… Fleur East!

Some might love the X-Factor and some might hate the X-Factor, but you can’t deny that X Factor UK delivers break out stars. That is definitely what you can say about Fleur East! Fleur, from East London applied last year for the 11th season of the British edition of X…


Editor’s wishlist: Sweet Valentine

Unlike other people, I (Digi K) never really cared for Valentine. Maybe because my ex-boyfriend wasn’t a romantic at heart. And, in my opinion, it is also a commercially exploited day where the meaning of love is hard to find. But still I secretly hope for some secret admirer to send me a poem, written by himself. You can find some other stuff I wish for in my wishlist.


A blogger’s ode to love

Maybe one needs to be in love to see love… Fashion-bloggers couple Scott ‘The Sartorialist‘ Schuman and Garance Doré teamed up to shoot a campaign for Tiffany & Co, and captured the essence of -exactly- LOVE. Perfect timing with Valentine’s day less than a month away.

Instagram filters were used to give the images an extra heart-warming effect. Something we’re really into ourselves lately. Thumbs up and double LOVE for Scott and Garance!