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Guess what my Levi’s ® Curve ID is?

What’s my Curve ID?

It’s an ‘in between’. Like my shoe size. I am always somewhat of an in between. My Levi’s® Curve ID is in between the Slight and the Demi Curve. But honestly, after trying on several different Curves, I ended up with a Slight modern skinny. The most figure-hugging of them all, and the way I like my denims. If that makes me a less curvy girl at thirty-something, I shall not complain!

The occasion of the fitting was the Levi’s® Curve ID pop-up shop in Amsterdam, while they’re building a new shop. This one is especially for the girls, and they only sell the Curve ID products (aside from a few T-shirts and denim blouses, but we don’t need measuring for those). It’s clever thinking of Levi’s®, because you’ll get all the attention you need to find your perfect match. More after the jump >>>