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Chifff: Decision time

Before reading on, it’s important you’re aware of a certain flaw in my existence. I don’t know what went wrong or when it went wrong. While having my first cry on this planet at birth, bouncing around the playground during childhood or exploring my boundaries as a teenager? It doesn’t matter, at this point we can’t do anything about it. This flaw is irreparable. I’m the lousiest decision maker you’ll ever know…

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Would you try a Coupe du Pin?

Jak en Jil Pin
Pin-up! Image: Jak&

Victoria Koblenko, a Dutch actress, always looks very, well ehm, extraordinary. Especially her hair is something a lot of people talk about. We spotted her during the Glammy Awards a few months ago with a kind of weird gladiator coupe; blond short hair with more then hundred small, black pins in it. Everybody was in shock…who was that extreme diligent hairdresser of hers?!