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Digitalistic diary: week 10-11


The Bowlingqueens! (actually Digi K sucks at bowling...)

Step into the fast and fabulous life of The Digitalistas.

Our latest adventures include a lunch with beauty contributor Lydia, Digi K was in Paris for a day for a meeting and had lunch the French way, shoe-brand Invito celebrated its 25th anniversary for which we went disco-bowling, visited the River Island Summer show (other article), we could finally have a drink outside thanks to a sunny day, and had a peek at the 10 pieces collection was launched at the Bijenkorf…


Loose see-through knit

© Antonio Granata

It’s not warm enough yet to say goodbye to my jumpers. This one does the trick for almost-Spring. I actually spotted exactly the same knit -only with cashmere added- from IRO’s winter collection, but mine is from Minimum. I like my jumpers to be a bit oversized so I bought it in a medium size instead of small. Because it’s a loose see-through knit I can make variations with what I wear underneath.


Digi K’s living la vida loca III

© Antonio Granata. Effects with Pixlr-o-matic.

The holidays are coming up, which means it’s a bit more quiet than usual. Aside from an interview with Kelly Cutrone, some store-openings, a chocolate tasting, a magazine launch and some pre-Xmas dinners and drinks, we’re slowly preparing for the year to come… Exciting things are coming up. For now have a look at my vida (not so loca this time…) from the past weeks.