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Hungover help

Almost each fashionable event comes with bubbly or other alcoholic enhanced beverage. We should start counting the times where there’s no alcohol served at all (very rare occassions). Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean we don’t like to sip from a flûte of champagne, or enjoy that delicious cocktail. Sometimes we also loose count of the drinks we had -especially when the taste of alcohol is nowhere to be detected (those mean cocktails again!)- and that’s when you wake up with a pounding headache and unsatiable thirst. Hello hangover!


YSL: 40 years of creation

YSL: 40 years of creation

One could say this is Yves Saint Laurent’s ‘oeuvre’ put in a compact library. The four books contain YSL fashion history through his Haute Couture collections. Each book represents a decade of YSL, from his Mondrian dress in 1965 to his Vincent van Gogh ‘hommage’ in 1988.

The 81 Haute Couture collections are presented with the sketch, a piece of cloth from which the design was made, a description of the ‘atelier’ where the design was produced, the model who wore it on the catwalk and in which order that was.