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Categorie: Culture

Weekend Wanderlust: Las Dalias on the Road


Whenever you are on holiday, visiting the local market is a must-see. Some places are even famous because of those markets, for example Ibiza. Well, okay, we love the island for much more than the markets, but the Las Dalias hippy market is certainly an important aspect. For those who don’t have time, or money, to go on a spring break; Ibiza came to us!


Inspiration by Sanne: Lisbon part I



This summer I went on a ten-day trip to Lisbon with my two best friends. Lisbon is a really nice city with a lot of beaches close by, so this makes for a great combination of a beach/cultural holiday. I took a lot of pictures and in the coming weeks I will share them with you. This way you will get a good idea of what Lisbon is like, but also so we can enjoy the feeling of summer just a little bit longer! Enjoy!