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We like the 'Eco' make-up brand from Bourjois: UNE

UNE Natural Beauty by Bourjois

Two ‘eco’ topics a day! That wasn’t premeditated. Let’s say we support everything that contributes to our environment but still gives a hint of stylishness to our daily life, and that happens to be fashion and beauty.

I am quite excited about this new brand: UNE by Bourjois. Especially their philosophy and image around the product, like ‘The beauty of tommorow’ is:

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Nicholas Ghesquière has a weird sense of scent…

Nicholas Ghesquière and the Balenciaga fragrance

Since Nicholas Ghesquière got on board as the designer of Balenciaga there hasn’t been a fragrance launched yet. That’s probably why the new Balenciaga fragrance– to be launched in February 2010- is highly anticipated for. But now we finally understand why it took so long…Ghesquière has some weird taste when it comes to his favorite scents…


Charming Beauty Flaw: a split between the teeth

Lara Stone and Vanessa Paradis and their specific beauty-mark

Ever wondered why the split between the teeth of Lara Stone suddenly became a charming beauty-flaw? She wasn’t the first designer-muse with that special mark. A long time ago some girl just popped out of nothing singing a song called ‘Joe le Taxi’. Her name was Vanessa Paradis. Not a striking beauty, but a particular little bird with a good bonestructure and a split between her teeth. Then the bird got caged by Jean Paul Goude to promote the Coco Chanel fragrance. In 2003 she promoted the collection of Chanel Cambon bags, and now this succesful singer, mother, actress and wife of Johnny Depp will show off her typical smile to promote ‘les rouges’ Chanel: the gorgeous red lipsticks of the brand.


Match your nails with your e-mails

O.P.I X DELL laptops
O.P.I. X DELL laptops

….That’s the pay-off for a new line of Dell laptops in collaboration with O.P.I. , a known brand in nailpolishes. Another proof that technologie companies are still looking to seduce female consumers.

Not sure if this will result in a laptop-sale rise for Dell, because as a female consumer I am rather interested in having a laptop that blends with my interior, than one that matches my nailpolish…

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Karlie Kloss for Marc Jacobs' Lola fragrance

karlieklossvoor MJ

When my colleague and I were in Paris during the Fashionweek in 2008, we took a little trip on the ‘bateau mouche’ along the Seine. A young model that we recognized from the shows was also on the boat, accompanied by an older guy. We were both hoping that the guy was either her dad or her bodyguard…(we think her dad, cause you don’t hug your bodyguard).

This young girl was Karlie Kloss. Now 16 years old and the face of Marc Jacobs’ new fragrance ‘Lola’.