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Hairtrend 2010: Black vs peroxide?

The 2010 haircolour...What will it be?

First we thought that red would be a new haircolour for 2010, but now it seems the scores are rising between peroxide blonde and raven black.

Agyness Deyn, who is known for her experimental hairdo’s was spotted with a short raven black coupe, Kate Moss was photographed with cropped black hair for ID-magazine, and Natalia Vodionova, who’s usually angelic blonde, turned her locks as black as a crow for the Givenchy campaign.

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Alice…oh Alice in Wonderland

Can't wait for Alice in Wonderland...

I can’t wait for Alice in Wonderland to hit the cinemas in March next year, directed by Tim Burton and where Johnny Depp finally threw of his Captain Jack Sparrow character, and adopted the likes of the Mad Hatter.

But I am not the only one who seems anxcious about the release of he movie based on Lewis Caroll’s fairytale. It even shakes up the fashion- and beautyworld…


Kate Moss to launch make-up line?

Afbeelding 6
Kate with her latest fragrance for Coty: Vintage

In a recent interview with WWD, Kate Moss said she’s thinking of expanding her non-modelling activities even more. After launching a succesful line for Topshop,  her third fragrance for Coty and a haircare brand with hairstylist James Brown it might be a logical step to think towards a line of cosmetics.


Tested: M.A.C. party make-up look

A deer in the headlights...whoops!

You’re probably wondering who looks like the ‘scared deer in the headlights’. It’s Digitalista K after the M.A.C. technique workshop. She did not hesitate a second when a model was needed to demonstrate the party make-up. She usually doesn’t wear much more than mascara and lipgloss, so bring it on! (and she’s a bit lazy so prefered to sit down and get a make-over instead of making a mess doing it on her own…)


Would you try a Coupe du Pin?

Jak en Jil Pin
Pin-up! Image: Jak&

Victoria Koblenko, a Dutch actress, always looks very, well ehm, extraordinary. Especially her hair is something a lot of people talk about. We spotted her during the Glammy Awards a few months ago with a kind of weird gladiator coupe; blond short hair with more then hundred small, black pins in it. Everybody was in shock…who was that extreme diligent hairdresser of hers?!