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Herbivore Botanicals (Pt 1)

I have never smelled a beauty product as delicious as this! I first stumbled upon Herbivore Botanicals while shopping on a recent visit to Canada, and I was immediately hooked. In the middle of a store I took one sniff of the Coconut Milk Bath Soak and I was instantly transported to a tropical beach in the Caribbean. Like, it smells. So. Good. I HAD to have it.



With immediate effect, I ordered a bunch of products to put them to the test. The Pink Clay Soap Bar can be used on your face or your body, to gently clean skin and nourish skin. It’s got a light citrusy scent thanks to essential oils from geranium (anti-inflammatory) and blood orange (natural detoxifier). It’s so gentle you can use it multiple times a day – and you’re going to want to, because it’s so darn delicious.



The Coconut Milk Bath Soak has a light, powdery feel; it’s made from vegan coconut milk powder and vanilla essential oils. Sprinkle a bit into a bath and soak for 15 minutes minimum. Your skin will be left feeling hydrated, softened and silky, with the most delicious scent of coconut and vanilla. It’s also anti-inflammatory and soothing – the perfect post-work detox!



What’s awesome about Herbivore Botanicals is that every ingredient is used for a therapeutic reason, so the formulas are pure, active and highly concentrated. The products are made with natural essentials oils, plant-based extracts, GMO free soy wax and cold-pressed oils.







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