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Kypris Skincare

I’ve just returned from three weeks in sunny South Africa, and while I did my best to cover up with SPF, I did get a tan on my face … which is inevitably now peeling on my nose and forehead.

My secret weapon to nourish my dry skin is Kypris. The skincare brand offers holistic, high performance product that are made from nature-derived, organic, sustainably-grown and 100% natural ingredients. All of their products are made in the U.S. and packaged in glass.



Kypris’ Antioxidant Dew offers skin intense hydration, radiance and moisture – it’s a new cult favourite thanks to the dewy glow it can give you. Made with 26 active natural ingredients and a huge dose of antioxidants, it’s designed for skin that’s environmentally stressed, acneic or imbalanced. You can use it morning and night to protect skin from free radicals, tone, soothe and calm inflammation. Not only does it smell fantastic, but it leaves skin feeling ultra-hydrated, dewy and fresh.



Another Kypris favourite – for use at nighttime only – is the Moonlight Catalyst. The product works while you sleep to soothe, plump and even skin tone, so you’ll wake up with skin looking radiant, refreshed and renewed. The herbal formula is made with 16 natural ingredients like pumpkin enzymes (which softens skin), Hawaiian sea algae (which hydrates and balances), neroli flower extract (which soothes), and rosehip seed (which is packed with essential fatty acids). It’s perfect for chapped skin – like mine at the moment, yikes! – and is great for this time of year with cold winter air.



Kypris products are available on the brand’s website, which ships globally. And how gorgeous is the packaging with gold foil details? It’s definitely elevating my bathroom shelf game.


Check out more HERE.

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