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Filorga Optim-Eyes Lotion

After a few months of faux lash extensions, I’m in the midst of a quest to regrow my eyelashes and nourish them back to their former glory days.

I am currently experimenting with lash serums to try and ease this road to recovery, but a friend also recommended Filorga’s Optim-Eyes Lotion. The make-up remover helps to take away excess mascara and makeup, and it revitalizes lashes and skin.



The Filorga formula has two components: a cleaning step, which removes makeup (even waterproof!) and a serum step that boosts lashes to make them stronger and longer.

You can use it exactly like a regular makeup remover: shake a few drops onto a cotton pad and swipe away. It has a slightly oily feel, which leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

Filorga products are available at ICI PARIS.

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