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Dior Dreamskin Perfect Skin Cushion

Drumroll please … introducing the newest “it” product from Dior: the Dreamskin Perfect Skin Cushion.

Think of it as a cover-up, a corrector and an anti-ageing formula all in one. The product promises to reduce the appearance of redness, shine and pores, while giving skin a youthful glow; upon application, my skin had an amazing dewy feel that was fresh (but not oily).


The “Air Cushion” has a sponge-like texture and is filled with a special fluid and moisturizing formula – just dab the application pad onto the cushion and then gently dab it on your skin. It does provide light coverage, but has a more transparent finish (ie: if you have significant blemishes, you’ll probably still need a heavier foundation, too).


The product also comes with a convenient refill, so once you use the first cushion you can easily top it up – it’s two-for-one, for the price! It’s also important to make sure the lid to the cushion is closed tightly so it doesn’t dry out.



The product also has SPF 50, to keep skin protected all day long!

The Dreamskin Perfect Skin Cushion is now available at Dior counters and at Douglas.

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