Davines Mask System

Ever heard of hair dye made from … quinoa?

Well that’s just one of the ingredients in Davines’ new “Mask with Vibrachrom” hair dye, which I tested out last week at Kapper 466 in Amsterdam.


The innovative, permanent dye formula – which launched in April of this year – is based on more natural ingredients than traditional coloring systems including milk proteins, amino acids, vegetable lipids and even quinoa.


The geniuses over at Davines’ laboratory created the dye to offer intense, vivid pigmentation that lasts without fading, while still staying true to Davines’ natural, eco-friendly vision. The combinations of ingredients have the power to compactly bind colour into the hair, while still offering intense conditioning and shine.


Since I’m pretty picky about my hair, I was very happy about the approach at Kapper 466 amsterdam, with color technician Astrid taking time to sit and discuss my wishes with me. We looked through all the available options and which would be best for me, settling on a mix of three different tones to break up my mass of blond-build-up. (Astrid also advises that the dye is especially great for covering grays!)


Because there’s no bleach included, the dye doesn’t have a strong chemical smell, and the small amount of odour was instantly washed away by the gorgeous NOUNOU shampoo and MINU hair mask, which are ahhhhh-mazing. (Aside: I’m also addiced to the OI oil for styling).


Post-dye, my hair looked fantastic! It’s super glossy and soft – not dehydrated at all. At home I’m using Davines’ MINU care collection to help protect the colour even longer. All of Davines’ awesome products are available at Kapper 466.



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