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Unwash: The New Clean

No need to do a double-take, you’re reading it right: the latest trend in hair care is actually un washing.



Unwash” is new line that cleans hair without stripping oils like traditional shampoo, conditioner and styling products. Instead, Unwash gently removes dirt and build-up without harsh sulfates – they’re what typically leave hair dry, frizzy and brittle – to add moisture and strength while supporting your hair’s long-term health.



First begin with the bio-balanced Anti-Residue Rinse, which removes build-up from styling products to take away the bad but leave the good, natural oils. Think of it as a de-griming agent. But don’t worry – your hair won’t look oily! Follow up with the Bio-Cleansing Conditioner, which gently washes away oil so hair appears fresh and healthy.



The result is hair that’s more vibrant and manageable. Over time and prolonged use of Unwash, your scalp will begin to re-balance oil production, while the products also lock in moisture and extend the life of color.



Unwash products are gluten-free, and the Anti-Residue Rinse and Bio-Cleansing Conditioner are vegan. The collection also includes a hydrating masque and dry shampoo (can’t wait to get my hands on this one!)

Unwash is available on and selected shops like SKINS Cosmetics.

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