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Thursday Treat: Ma’ Plucker London

If you’re heading to London soon, and you happen to be in need of some comfort food which comes in many shapes of chicken, Ma’ Plucker is the name.

This tiny retro-style venue tucked away in Beak street SOHO will bring you back to life if you’re suffering from a hangover, heartache or other inconvenience which requires a chicken and waffle + maple syrup combo. Or a slow cooked pulled chicken bun.

We were a tad famished and tired (my travel mate was slightly hungover) from running around London for four days, and Ma’Plucker was our last stop before heading to the airport. So consider it our late lunch/early dinner. I ordered Ma’s high tea (because as a true foodie I need to taste as much as I can on one plate)- a mix of sweet and savoury treats- and my buddy opted for the slow cooked pulled chicken with a salad on the side and the maple chili glaze (I admit I influenced his choice a bit…haha!).

With the high tea comes a boozy ice tea of which I had two sips. Don’t know what it was exactly, but I presume my body had an off-alcohol-day, so I grabbed the sparkling water instead. For those who do fancy some booze on the side, just take a look at the drinks menu. Anything goes with chicken anyway ;)

Let’s get back on track with the food here. Ma’Plucker is not your ordinary chicken joint (you know what we’re referring to). This is chicken with SOUL my brotha! Get it Buttermilk dipped, Rubbed and Roasted, Crispy Coated in all yummieness…Ma’ Plucker does eating in, take-away and delivery (within 2.2 km of SOHO) too.


The pulled chicken is without a doubt our favorite, but don’t hesitate to try other dishes or combinations. This is how it works from the 3-way chicken menu: 1. Choose a base (salad, bun or waffle), 2. Choose a sauce (gravy, chipotle chili, kansas bbq, herb, maple chili) and 3. Choose your chicken (roasted, crispy fried or slow cooked). Vegetarians can come along too and have crispy coated haloumi. And you’ll find some à la carte choices and occasional specials.

Go and have a taste! Send Ma’ our love and tell her we’ll be back soon! (while you’re at it, ask her to open shop in Amsterdam, ’cause we’re in much need of her soul food)


Ma’ Plucker
75 Beak street
London W1F 9SS



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