Lydia’s Juisz~s Cleanse: Day Three

Hallelujah, I made it to my final day of the cleanse! I can honestly say I’ve never thought more about food than I have in the past 72 hours, and I’m excited for this experience to finish. At the same time, I’m shocked at how much energy I have (I’m still working full days at the office), plus I can see my tummy has flattened out significantly and my skin is glowing.



But what’s next? In the same way you need to prepare your body leading into a cleanse, you also need to gradually wean yourself off the cleanse so you don’t shock your system. Remember, your digestive track has been having a serious sieta, so you can’t jump right back into burgers, fries and soda – that will completely undo all the benefits of the cleanse, plus probably make you feel quite ill.



“We recommend that after a cleanse, your ‘building’ days are half the length of your cleanse duration,” says Sylvia van Alphen, owner of Juiz~s. “So if you cleansed for 10 days, you spend five days building back up a normal diet.”

She recommends sticking to a green smoothie, fruits and veggies on your first day, then on day two add light proteins like eggs and chicken. On day three add in some whole grain carbs (ie: quinoa) and dairy. Wait a good week with foods liked red meat that are very heavy to digest.

I’ve had 72 long hours to think about what I’m going to eat once this is over, but I’m also very excited to begin on a fresh start and new journey of healthy eating. I feel like I’ve done my body such a favor, I want to keep up this good habit and continue on the healthy path.


If you’re looking to get on board, visit Juiz~s website for all the latest cleanse programs and even discounts! Juiz~s conveniently delivers across the Netherlands and Belgium.

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