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A Beauty Editor’s favorite: Delilah Cosmetics

I wanted to start this story by saying Delilah Cosmetics is the “new kid on the block” in the world of makeup, but it turns out I’ve just been living under a very big rock. The likes of Vogue, Glamour and Grazia have all been raving about the brand, and some of their products are so popular they’ve completely sold out worldwide.



Delilah was founded by Brits Rupert Kingston, Hannah Nicholson and Juliet White, who all had experience in the beauty industry but were discouraged by the lack of boutique British beauty brands. So they founded Delilah and find inspiration in quintessentially English things – like roses, Britannia metal, and even rose gold which was introduced by the renowned King Henry VIII.



The brand’s hero product today is its Pure Light Compact Illuminating Powder, which gives skin a sheer, brightening effect. Use it all over to add a healthy softness to your skin, or apply to your cheekbones and temples for more illumination in the spots where light hits. You’ll see in my photo that the powder has a swirled palette of rose gold, peach and lavender, which together help to brighten dull skin.



Another amazing find is the Time Frame Future Resist Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20. The fluid foundation is lightweight on application, but can be built up for thicker coverage if you prefer. It’s got a subtle luminous effect, with added vitamin A and E help to protect against environmental damage, and a lovely velvety texture that blends impeccably into skin.


The price point of Delilah products is also very reasonable – the Pure Light powder is €45, while the Time Frame foundation retails for €42.50.

All Delilah products are paraben free (yay!) and made without animal testing. Check it out here!

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