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Get the Glow!

I’m normally not one to follow trends or crazes, but I have completely fallen for the superfood hype thanks to Organic Burst. Why? Because this UK-based company’s products really work.

It all began last year when I ran an experiment with Organic Burst supplements: I took their Acai berry and chlorella pills every day for a few months to see what would happen. After a few weeks, I started getting friendly comments on my glowing skin. A few weeks later, and every colleague in my office was in a deep discussion about how fantastic my skin looked and what my secret could possibly be – detox cleanses? Face masks? La Mer? There was no denying these products were working – my skin was clearer, smoother and glow-ier (yes, glow-ier), and as soon as I ran out of my order, I noticed my glow started fading away.

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Organic Burst cultivates the world’s most powerful ancient superfoods and turns them into powders and pills. Their products range from chia seeds and acai berry to spirulina, wheatgrass, maca, baobab and cholorella. Unlike other companies, they process these superfoods in a unique and fully organic way that makes them most effective for your body.


Organic Burst was founded in 2011 as a “social enterprise,” which means they are based on a philosophy of benefiting not only their customers, but also the organic farmers they work with, and respect for the nature they encounter. Products are sourced ethically and in partnership with small-scale growers and harvesters.

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Check out their website for great recipes (I am addicted to the “Get the Glow” spirulina balls).

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And seriously … how cute is their packaging? Click here to see their amazing bundle offers of superfoods and supplements!

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