Best Ever Nacho Dip

Whenever my friends and I get together, everyone requests I bring my “famous” layered nacho dip. The truth is, it’s the easiest thing to make. Here I share my recipe, step by step!

Step one:

photo 1


Spread a layer of cream cheese on the bottom of a pie plate. (In this case I used two packages because we like it extra creamy!)

Step two:

photo 2


Cover with a layer of salsa.

Step three:

photo 3


Cover with a layer of shredded cheese (any sort will do – cheddar is great).

Step four:nacho-dip

Add your veggies! I used a mix of cucumber, tomato, green onion, lettuce and avocado. You can also get creative with kidney beans, chili beans, corn, or jalapenos.

Enjoy! I serve it with crackers and tortilla chips for dipping.


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