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Bad ass superstar Rihanna, finally dropped her eight studio album ANTI. Almost exactly a year after debuting ”Four Five Seconds”, delivering first her now named first single ”Work” and not even 48 hours later the parent album. The wait is ova… but is it worth it?


Standard Edition

”Consideration” featuring SZA

Opening, is a track that makes it clear from the get go that she finally has control of her own sound and what she wants to be seen as. Referencing that ”I come fluttering from Neverland”, she talks about the time being at Def Jam. She grew in a state of forever young, but now at Roc Nation she is ready to be the grown up woman that is with ”I get to do things my own way darling”. Featuring vocals from Alt R&B singer/songwriter SZA is just that extra push of edgy it needed to make this dark production a perfect opener.

”James Joint”

The first interlude is just extraordinary! It has that 90’s vibe and Rihanna’s voice just glides perfectly over the track. The lyrics point out to the most important part for Ms. Fenty: Love!


”Kiss it Better”

Written by Natalia Kills, Glass John and produced by Jeff Bashker, the song make an instant grab on you as soon as the electric guitar makes it ways in the beginning of the song. Rihanna sings about going through an heavy relationship which even tho she ended, she wants back. She describes her feelings in lyrics like ”We argue, you yell. Who cares if it feels like crack, you always do it right” and ”I have been waiting up all night. Going to make it all right” that even tho its toxic she wants her man by her side. This should definitely be considered as an single at one point during this era.

”Work” Featuring Drake.

The only really uptempo song on the album, not a banger at any means but still a great song. Great island vibe on which Rihanna sings with her Barbados accent in all lazy delivery, but still getting the work done like a boss. The addition by Drake is perfect! Can’t fault his smooth rhymes. Let’s wait and see if the song becomes a worldwide hit. Fora more in depth review go here……



Lovers of Quentin Tarantino will fall in love with this song. The production, which has a clear western feel and mood to it makes you wonder where she wants to take her listeners to. Nothing special and it could as well been on the soundtrack of ”The Hateful Eight”.


Sinister and deep, that is how you could describe this Hit-Boy production. Something totally new and elevating with lyrics by The-Dream and The Weekend, Rihanna tells her ex-lover straight how the things are in ”Tell me about the picture perfect life” and ”Scares on your heart are still mine” that she is the only one that really cares about him.


”Needed Me”

This is one for the girls! Rihanna glides over this DJ Musturd with all her female empowerment making it clear that all those fuck buddies that she had needed her and that she doesn’t neem them. This song is all being a girl in control, you don’t need a man and you can be all alone. Anthem right here ladies!

”Yeah, I Said it”

A fine slow burner… An expected production by Timbaland showcases Rihanna tapping into some vocals we have not really heard before. Giving some real Tinashe and The Weekend mixtape days vibe, she delivers one of those songs, which touches you in all the right spots.


”Same Ol’ Mistakes”

There is a cover! Originally named ”New Person, Same Old Mistakes” by Tame Impala. Rihanna ventures in a more experimental route with influences of rock. Surprisingly, the song fits the album perfect with the lyrics like ”Two sides of me can’t agree. Going with what I always longed for.” it is again clear just like in the opening track of the album that she is taking control of her music and direction.

”Never Ending”

Comes through due to is guitar driven melody, which is mesmerising as she sings about heartbreak. It’s one of those songs where you just know how it feels to lose yourself in a relationship. She clearly sings ”It’s pulling me apart this time. Everything is never ending”. Well done.


”Love on the Brain”

She takes us back to the 50’s! You will probably think who in gods name is singing this, because this is really Rihanna like you have never heard her before. She is channeling legends and showcasing that she more then just that hood chick singer that everyone knows her for. Can’t get enough of the song and the vocals!!


Those instrumentals in the beginning and through the entire song are everything! Rihanna goes deep into her emotions as she sings ”I know, I could be more creative and come up with poetic lines” and ”Saying I love you is the only thing in my mind”. She goes back to the theme of ”James Joint”, which is that love is the most important part.

”Close to You”

Those who loved ”Stay” will fall in love with this song. The piano driven song is sung beautifully with all the raw emotions that you would want in a song. Lyrics like ”No, you don’t need my protection but I’m in love can’t blame from checking” and ”Loving in your direction hoping that the message goes” makes you relate to one point in your life were you fell in love with someone where you just wanted to be close to them.

Deluxe Edition


”Goodnight Gotham”

The song, which originally was recorded by Florence and the Machine as ”Only if for a Night” is comes in like a clear mark that there is more to come and that the feeling some may have missed in the standard edition will be rewarded. Perfect entrance to the deluxe edition of the album.


Wanting getho Rihanna? This song is just your fix. She goes into that territory of ”Bitch Better Have My Money” talking about fashion, money and the usual. Not really strange, since the writer behind this song is the same as ”BBHMM”. Not here for it!


”Sex with Me”

Where ”Pose” was that song that was just not cutting it in the department of ”I’m the shit”, ”Sex with Me” hits all the right marks. It’s sassy, fun and that Rihanna flaunter which we all love. Let’s all just not pretend we are not going to be singing this to our man or guy we are into, because we are so going to be singing this to them!



ANTI had a purpose and that was to not follow the same formula that Rihanna had the past seven albums. This might as well be the most cohesive album Ms. Fenty has recorded. It has no ”Bangers” as people would want it but it doesn’t matter, because she wants to grow and show a more mature side. The album as a whole is an body of work, which she could be proud off. Rihanna is here to serve you music she likes and wants to grow with.  Can’t blame her as ”Bangers” are fun, but you are not always dancing when you are on the road or at home. Get this straight: Screw Microwave Music.

As for the answer to the question…..



You can buy ANTI on Itunes or listen on Tidal!

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