Davines’ OI Collection

Have you heard about OI? It’s a best-selling collection from Davines (one of my all-time favourite haircare brands) and it has totally transformed my hair.

The OI Essential Haircare collection includes a shampoo, conditioner, oil, body wash, all-in-one milk and hand balm. Not only do these products smell ah-mah-zing, but they have majorly healing properties for your hair and skin. The key ingredient is Roucou Oil, which hails from the Amazon and helps to restructure hair with antioxidants, beta-carotene and ellagic acid. A little bit of this oil is my new secret to instantly soft, shiny hair.


The OI/OIL is a game-changer, no matter what type of hair you have; it originally launched in 2011 and has been named a staff favourite from the Davines team (so you know it’s good). Apply a few drops of this oil into damp hair on the lengths and ends before drying. It will detangle and restructure hair while adding mega shine and an anti-frizz effect. It can make even the most unruly hair turn into smooth, soft and manageable locks!


An added bonus: the sleek black and white packaging will add a cool factor to your bathroom.

Davines products are available in Holland at select salons; visit their salon locator to find one close to you!

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