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Valhalla: the 2K15 edition

When thinking about the best times I had in 2K14, Valhalla Festival definitely is one of my top-of-mind experiences.

For me, personally, last year’s edition was my first visit to Valhalla Festival. What I was greatly impressed with was the organization’s ability to transform an industrial, raw, cold space (as  RAI, their venue, is – in essence) into a somewhat magical place in which you see, feel and breathe a circus vibe.


I strongly feel that Valhalla Festival is one of the very few indoor (winter)festivals which actually has character; a lot of thematic experience and a well-developed concept to it. You have to admit: when RAI’s grey concrete walls breathe warmth and the huge warehouse-like rooms feel like the coziest place in town; the organization can pat themselves on the shoulder. A job well done.

This year’s Cirque Oriëntale-themed event is a promising one as well. Come unravel its magical details on December 19th in Amsterdam RAI.

Alongside the thematic experience and a proper dose of winter extravaganza in general, here’s what you should expect:

  • Seven areas filled with the most ground-breaking international artists;
  • A very broad and diverse audience;
  • A dazzling opening show (so come early!) including monks, geishas, fire, passion & ardour;
  • And of course: Valhalla’s very strong vintage circus vibes overall.


I’ve added some of my personal go-see suggestions as well as the event’s details below. Hop on, it’s a bizarre ride…




Manoe’s go-see-this-at-Valhalla-list:

  • Should you be able to slay The Dragon, then go and see Joris Voorn.
  • If you manage to cope with its hotness, the Red Sun will shine Kriss Kross Amsterdam’s rays of light on you. Also, I heard the promising new formation Moksi has made their way through the universe.
  • Emperors of the Emperor are Stefan Vincent and of course Carl Craig.
  • Zap yourselves towards Zodiac for miss Maya Jane Coles, Detroit Swindle and our national pride: De Sluwe Vos.
  • Chop it up at the Bonzai area with Waze & Odyssey.
  • Induldge in Dynasty’s savvy house dynamics with Olivier Weiter b2b Miss Melera.
  • For any and all wandering pandas and all you Bamboo bangas: Amsterdam-based formation Vriendje van Ferry should sort you out on your daily dose of disco tunes.


Valhalla Festival

Date: December 19th , 2015

Location: RAI, Europaboulevard, Amsterdam

Time: 22:30 – 07:00

Get your tickets – NOW, while you still can.

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