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No lonely Christmas for Granny thanks to Tante Bep

The paper recently published an article about the rise of the food delivery services. Yet today we want to highlight Tante Bep. This was one of the first ‘luxe’ food deliveries in The Netherlands, named after the aunty of the founders, boasting a selection of good restaurants and deli’s, but also supporting a good cause.


Tante Bep actively commits against loneliness among the elderly. Because how many elderly aren’t lonely these days? During the holidays or at other times while we are having long and cosy dinners with our friends or families. So Tante Bep joined forces with some of the restaurants and deli’s they work woth to organize dinners for 50 elderly that are usually a bit lonely or deprived of a loving and caring family. A luxe delivery service doesn’t necessary means it has to be a selfish activity! If you care about the lonely elderly you can sign up and join one of these dinners as a volunteer. Hanging out with the oldies can show you a good time as they always have inspiring stories to tell about all their long life experiences. At the end of the day you’ll both return home with a smile on your face.

As from now you can order Tante Bep’s delivery meals in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. We can definitely recommend it because they have a very nice selection of restaurants and deli’s, that will deliver you a delicious meal when you decide to stay in and enjoy good food, but not feel like being all Nigella Lawson in the kitchen. To our delight, favorite Vietnamese eatery PHO91 is part of the Amsterdam selection, and we’ve enjoyed a savoury chicken bun. Mmmmm!


Place your orders via the site or the app.


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