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Look as flawless as your favorite movie star: STARSKIN

Want to get red carpet-worthy skin … but for a fraction of the cost that celebrities pay? The latest buzz in the world of skincare is STARSKIN, which shares Bio-Cellulose (the secret behind some celebrity’s amazing skin) with the rest of us mere mortals.Starskin1

STARSKIN’s Bio-Cellulose masks will illuminate, hydrate and purify skin in just 20 minutes. What’s the secret ingredient? Naturally fermented coconut juice – aka the latest beauty trend from Asia (so you know it’s good!).

Fermenting the coconuts produces Bio-Cellulose, which penetrates pores with enzymes and amino acids. Each cooling mask has 30 mL of serum in it, and it will adhere like a second skin for your face and give you visible results for hours thereafter.Starskin2

The STARSKIN masks all have playful names and different functions, from “Behind the Scenes” (balancing) to “After Party” (brightening) and “Close Up” (firming). There’s even “Leading Man,” a hydrating face mask made especially for men. The cute packaging is modeled after a movie poster, and they’re also all free from parabens, mineral oil, sulfates and alcohol.


Skin will appear brighter, firmed, lifted and youthful in 20 minutes – who can resist that? So whether you’re actually heading to a red carpet event or just out for a night on the town, STARSKIN is a perfect way to get your glow.



STARSKIN masks are available at Douglas stores and on ASOS.

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