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5 X suitable Christmas gifts for your man

Lovely ladies! We know what your biggest struggle is when holiday season strikes…What is going to be the best gift for HIM??? Nothing as difficult as to find him the ultimate present for underneath the Christmas tree. Something he won’t put away with a shy smile and a muttered ‘thank you’ as soon as he unwrapped it. No, he must jump around with joy and brag about how you gave him the best Christmas gift EVER, until next X-mas (at least!). You’re welcome and thank us later.

For the DIY-guy:
Man and beer. It doesn’t need further explanation. Your happy crafter will giggle as a baby, so excited shall he be with his own HEMA beer brewing kit, including grains, hops and yeast to make his first batch of self brewed beer. Beware he takes his little chemistry experiment to the shack in the backyard, as you don’t want the smell of booze and fermented grains to befuddle your kitchen…



For the masterchef:
He already looks dangerous while he chops the greens with sharpened knives. Though he secretly enjoys it because it confirms his masculinity. However, you believe he could take it up a notch style wise. Even more so when mister masterchef steps on the center stage of the open kitchen to demonstrate his cooking skills to the inlaws. Therefore he’ll need this leather apron by Witloft. Culinary Alpha male to his fullest. We even allow satisfactory grunts whilst cooking. It’s actually sexy.

2 WL-S-01 Black theedoek


For the book nerd:
He devours literary masterpieces, but you are fed up with the sight of books laying around all over the place. Tolstoj here, Baudelaire there…It’s home, not a library! It might reflect his sense of intellect, though we believe men to be functional. Comes in the KOBO GLO HD e-reader. All these wonderful words on one device, so he can always carry them with him. Saves him time as well when he (once again) decides to quote his favorite authors during Christmas dinner.



For the dreamer:
Call it a hipster drink if you like, but most men love a good G&T. While the quality of a gin still undergoes a critical judgement, the Scottish Hendrick’s Gin is highly appreciated. Moreover, the brand and its packaging is interspersed with fantastic storytelling. Let’s therefore name this gin ‘the mad hatter in the wonderful world of gin’s‘. Hendrick’s labels itself as ‘a most unusual gin’, and they maintain their ‘odd’ reputation by launching great limited editions such as the Limited Edition Hendrick’s Dreamscape bottle. Take our word upon it: your dreamer wants nothing more than to be part of  ‘the society of the unusual’. This bottle is his ticket to adventure (and total drunkenness probably, but that’s his own responsibility).

Dreamscapes Gift Pack - High Res Image-1


For the naughty man:
Let’s just admit it: men are all naughty. More or less. Now the US Playboy’s naked adventure has come to an end, the eroticism in the 2016 Pirelli-calendar was killed, and the somewhat too revealing Instagram pics get reported or removed, we’re still lucky to have sexy glossy Treats!. Not that we’re supporting the continuous promotion of women as sex objects though… When it’s tastefully photographed (as is the case here), we occasionally turn a blind eye.
Place this magazine under the Christmas tree, and we assure you that he will show his gratitude in many ways.


Give him all these gifts for Christmas and he’ll be forever yours. Once more: you’re welcome and thanks us later.

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