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We want to live in Lola’s apartment

Who is Lola then? And what does that apartment look like?

Lola is the character in Scotch & Soda’s brand movie. And even though she is fictional, we can all identify with her life and experiences. In the story, Lola has a brother, Oscar, who is very adventurous. He feeds Lola with his adventures by sending her bundles of stories and souvenirs. That’s all well documented on video, and you might think: yeah, nice and all, but what’s the use? Everyone makes videos nowadays.


Now at Scotch & Soda they’ve been wrapping their creative minds around that matter. As it should. And -we have to admit – a pretty brilliant idea came rolling out of their sleeves. You can rent the apartment in Amsterdam where Lola “supposedly” lives, through Airbnb. It is fully furnished in Scotch’s signature style. Very eclectic. Just as we like it. And as a bonus, the temporary tenant can wear Lola’s Scotch & Soda wardrobe. And Oscar’s. And take it home afterwards!


Lolas_apartment2 Lolas_apartment3

Do you want to indulge in Lola’s life? You can. As of tomorrow, the apartment can be booked each weekend in the period of November 21st to December 13, 2015. We are of course insanely jealous if you do. Just so you know. If you intend to have a dinner or slumber party while you’re there, we hereby invite ourselves (and secretly hope that Oscar will drop by). Don’t be surprised if we end up hiding under the bed, or lock ourselves up in the broom closet. Because we want to live in Lola’s apartment. You simply can’t blame us.

But before you organize your weekend getaway, watch the 2nd part of the brand movie below. It explains our crush on Oscar.

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