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Tasty Tuesday: OMBAR raw chocolate

I am surrounded by quite a few vegetarian friends and acquaintances, and some even tend to ‘vegan’. As a true epicurean that’s not my cup of tea, though that doesn’t mean I don’t try and taste all kinds of different foods. Even the raw, ‘vegan’ kind. And when it comes in the shape of chocolate, I am a happy camper.

PS Bars

Now I’ve never thought about the difficulty to find 100% raw and vegan chocolate. Cocoa beans are usually roasted, and sugar and dairy are added to enhance the flavor of chocolate bars. So good luck finding a healthy and yummy piece of chocolate…Three friends from London took on the challenge, and experimented with an array of healthy, raw cocoa products in their kitchen, while being on a raw food diet. They found a likeminded soul in Ecuador who was able to produce raw, ‘dried’ cocoa beans, and that’s how OMBAR was born. A healthy and ethical chocolate bar to indulge the vegans as well as the epicureans!

The OMBAR chocolate bars consist of raw, dried cocoa beans, unrefined coconut sugar, real fruit, and in some cases probiotics were added. Tasty AND healthy! Even the milk chocolate version. Because how do you make those without dairy? Coconut milk! That’s even creamier.

Ok, we’re convinced. And if we tell you that you’ll find the OMBAR chocolate bars at your local supermarket (€2,59 per bar) you’ll be too.

More info here.

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