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Steamy goods at DIM SUM NOW

Are you ready for sum ‘Dim Sum? Really good ones. Not the All You Can Eat kind. Dim Sum is well suited for lunch too; not too heavy and it’s something different than a sandwich. Yes, we like a bit of variety at lunch.


So we went in direction of the Ferdinand Bolstraat on this typical, rainy Saturday. Next to the Coffee Company you’ll find the new hotspot for steamy goods: DIM SUM NOW. Not too big, with a square counter and seats along the sides. You can also settle at a table in the back or facing the window. We chose the latter. Because of the steam which is released in the making of the Dim Sum the window was completely fogged, but it has its charm though. Especially with a little hangover from the night before we don’t mind hiding behind a foggy window and remain semi-invisible for passersby.


The Dim Sum their offering on the menu consist of gyoza’s, dumplings, and the specials: buns and a lotus leaf wrap. Well let’s taste the whole menu while were at it. We kick off with the gyoza’s (my favorite); 1 with pork, onion, white cabbage, ginger and soy sauce, 1 with fish, shrimp, white cabbage and mushroom, 1 with chicken, white cabbage, carrot and celery , 1 with duck, Chinese cabbage, garlic and ginger, 1 veggie withSpinach, carrot, chestnut and mushroom. All good! Even the veggie is tasty. Then we continue with the dumplings: -1 with veal, chestnut, ginger and peas, 1 with chicken, mushroom and carrot, 1 with pork, onion, paksoi, ginger and mushroom, 1 with fish, shrimp, white cabbage and carrot, 1 veggie withCabbage, white radish, mushroom, paksoi and coriander. Again, nothing to criticize. These Dim Sum’s are perfectly steamed because they’re not sticky and have a bite, but not too much. We’ve experienced differently. Perhaps because the venues we usually had Dim Sum also served other dishes and the attention was divided. At least here, the preparation and steaming process gets all the attention it requires.


You can also order some side dishes to accompany your Dim Sum, such as edamame and wakame. We concluded our lunch with the sweet custard bun topped with condensed milk. Oh my…what a lovely soft sweetness (I used to spoon the cans of condensed milk when I was a kid, so you understand my joy). Satisfied, we could face the rest of the day and the dreary weather.

DimSumNow7 DimSumNow6

The best of it all are the prices: a basket of 5 dumplings only costs €6. And the fact that DIM SUM NOW offers take-away and delivery for the lazy ones. Their slogan is right on point: You Dim Sum, You Win Sum!

Ferdinand Bolstraat 36


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