Introducing: Nomenclature

This just in: Nomenclature is a new fragrance brand that launched earlier this year in the US – and it’s already gaining global popularity. Each scent is uniquely made from exclusive molecules that are the building blocks of perfumery, instead of filling them with misleading synthetics and chemicals.



The niche brand debut with four fragrances –  adr_ett, efflor_esce, iri_del and orb_ital – and these are seriously complex scents. From hibiscus seed to pink pepper, vanilla, rhubarb, coffee, jasmine and apricot, these fragrances will tickle your nose buds and intrigue you with their ethereal, cool, smart scents.



My favourite is iri_del; I can’t help myself from sniffing my wrists once I’ve sprayed it on. It mixes clean cucumber with bright linen and woody amber notes for an amazing result, topped with crystalline rose, pear and iris facets. It’s unconventional but fresh and sexy.



The fragrances are available for €149 at Skins Cosmetics stores across the Netherlands.

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