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Friday Fashion Envy: L’Enfant Terrible boots

Anyone who knows us a little, knows about our penchant for boots. From ankle boots to knee-high, we just luvvvvv them. This actually reminds us we need to buy ourselves a new pair again. Or two. Or three…

It turns out that -what we believe is one of the prettiest Dutch luxury shoe labels-  ‘L’Enfant Terrible‘ has launched a collection of ‘Rockstar’ ankle boots (pre-summer ’16) AND relaunched a pair of ab fab seventies boots. Wowzers! It’s just impossible to choose. Can we have them all please?

So we took the task upon us to select the boots we lust after. Thanks us later.

L'enfant terrible_boots1
What can we say? Love at first sight. Even though we’re not that full on the seventies trend, if we do opt for a seventies-styled outfit these would be the boots of our choice. The name says it all.

L'enfant terrible_boots3
We rather wear our ankle boots high heeled, but we make an exception once in a while. Comes in the Stardust. These are just too cool for school. (from the rockstar collection)

L'enfant terrible_boots2
Okay, so maybe you’ve seen this style at a renowned Swedish brand, we love them anyway. (from the rockstar collection)

L'enfant terrible_boots4
Imagine someone like Kate Moss would wear a pair of these. Understated chic with a hint of sexiness. Since we consider ourselves ‘wild at heart’, why not the namesake shoe to go along with it?

Shop your favorites here.

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