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On the Boho trail with Jo Malone’s Mimosa & Cardamom


Totally caught up in a self created fragrance layering frenzie (figuring out a once tried combination of which I forgot the formula…), I have a penchant for the Jo Malone fragrances. So when this new Jo Malone combo came about, it needed to be discovered.


Mimosa & Cardamom captures the bohemian spirit. Modern and mesmerising, evocative and sensual. This bohemian spirit leads back to an era when intrepid British travellers explored the globe bringing back exotic treasures. This was also the time of Orientalism when artists were inspired by the unique exoticism of the Middle East seeing it as colourful, sensual and vivid.


The fragrance has been created by Master Perfumer Marie Salamagne: “For me the new bohemian celebrates a state of mind without boundaries. They are free-thinkers who celebrate authenticity and intensity. A true sense of adventure is at the heart of the new bohemian spirit for me.”

Okay, so the description definitely appeals to me (‘free-thinkers who celebrate authenticity and intensity’). Yet, the story does not always match with what I’ve imagined the fragrance to be like. Test, test, test is the motto! And my advice to you.
Fragrances are very personal and I am brutally honest when asked if like a certain fragrance. If I don’t, I will tell one so. I have a very distinct taste when it comes to the fragrances I wear, and it took me a while to find what suits my personality. One of my top favourites happens to be Jo Malone’s Wild Fig & Cassis.

What I like about Jo Malone is that with the combination of ingredients she uses to create her fragrances, there is always something for one’s liking, plus, you’ll have the possibility to create another, more personal and preferred scent when pairing it with a complementary cologne from the vast collection.

The new fragrance Mimosa & Cardamom for instance, did not immediately convince me, even though I am very familiar with the mimosa as they blossomed in my grandparents garden. I am just not the floral type…even if the cardamom slightly tones down the floral edge. So at the launch sessions, the Jo Malone representative gave us personal suggestions to pair it with. For me these were the more intense colognes such as Oud & Bergamot or Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, adding some spiciness and exotic notes. It did make a difference, and it also helps to give the fragrance time to blend with your skin (tap it in, don’t rub!).

According to Chris Wyatt, Jo Malone global fragrance ambassador, in an interview with Refinery29, fragrance layering should be ‘experimental and fun’: “Fragrance-layering has always been in our brand DNA, from the very start [in 1994]. Our philosophy is very much that the customer can pick a fragrance and customize it to his or her mood, the occasion, or their outfit. It’s a really fun concept to experiment with, because it means on any different day you can smell like a different person.”

I am not done creating some new concoctions…How about you?

You can find Jo Malone shops at de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam and The Hague.

 Photos © The Digitalistas | Samsung NX500


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