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What you MUST do during Amsterdam SAIL 2015

Sail2015Every 5 years the port of Amsterdam transforms in the epicenter of boating for SAIL. From mythical vessels to huge cruise ships. Lovers of anything nautical can rejoice themselves during this spectacle with an array of activities. Let’s sum the coolest ones up for you:

1. Eat on a bridgeLInvite
We had a little preview of this already and it promises to be quite spectacular…Okay, we did not have the actual dinner on the bridge, but a fun boat tour to check the location and a tasting of the menu that will be served during Sail at the pop-up restaurant on the Jan Schaefer bridge hosted by L’Invité. The ships will pass you by while enjoying your dinner.
There is a choice between a 3 course menu on the terrace, or a 5 course menu on the VIP deck:
3 course menu for €75 including aperitif, wine and water
5 course menu for €125 including aperitif, wine, water, coffee, friandises and a liquor

This is what we the 3 course dinners consists of: a Steak Tartare with mustard foam and a crunch of beetroot, Fillet of plaice, smoked eel and fennel with a yuzu dressing and a dessert with Chocolate, Gianduja and sea buckthorn berries:

The additional dishes for the 5 course menu are: Buratta with Coeur de boeuf tomatoes and basil ice cream, and a (candied) Meat stew red wine sauce and green asparagus

Restaurant L’Invité – Jan Schaefer bridge – August 19-23
Make your reservation here. The pop-up restaurant can host 500 people.

2. Have your cocktail at a floating bar


The guys behind Playground CS (city beach) -Tosti Creative-  had the brilliant idea to create a floating bar during SAIL. Hell yeah! Think of a shady Asian setting complete with Tiger beers, Asian tattoo artists, scorpions fights (rather avoid those though..), pingpong battles, and well…a bunch of crazy party people.
Parties are hosted by Disco Dolly, KLEAR, 22tracks, Deep House Amsterdam and Fat Kids Cake.

Floating Bar  -Oosterdokskade -August 19-23
Check out the Facebookpage here.

3. Rock your boat

SAIL-Rocks-Kensington-MissMontrealConcerts are part of SAIL’s daily programme, but if you’re gonna attend one it should be this: ‘SAIL Rocks’ with Kensington and Miss Montreal
Just because these Dutch artists rock the mostest.

SAIL ROCKS-Sail Music Marina August 20 – 21:00 hrs
More info here.

Ships Ahoy!!

Watch the SAIL event’s trailer below:

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