We Test It: The Stick-On Bra!

stick-on bra1It might not be the most demure to discuss … but we all have ‘em! And from time to time, most of us ladies find ourselves in a situation where our chests get in the way of our style dreams.

Such was the case for me a few weeks ago when I found the perrrrrfect jumpsuit to wear to a wedding. I was roaming through Zara and I spotted it from afar, as if it was put there just for me. And on top of that, it was on sale! I couldn’t wait to try it on, except (gasp!) when I turned it around I discovered it had an open back.

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What to do? My friends have all raved about stick-on bras for situations such as this, but I was hugely skeptical. There was no way a stick-on product could give me the support I needed to pull off my jumpsuit, which had relatively thin fabric to boot.

Of course when I tried it on and fell in love with it … now I was really in a pickle! So I bought the jumpsuit and wandered over to Hunkemoller to sort out my “support situation.” I was a bit like a lost puppy, but the ladies were most helpful to show me around and explain to me the mystery of the stick-on bra – and in fact, I learned it’s not much of a mystery at all.

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The staff advised I go down a cup size in the stick-on bra due its fit, and that was a most excellent suggestion. To apply: make sure your skin is dry and clean (no lotions or body butters), and peel off the plastic wrappers (though do not discard them). Apply a cup to each of your breasts and then fasten the two cups together in the center using the hooks. Voila. They stuck so well, and looked smooth and supportive under my jumpsuit.

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photo 3What about removing? I was worried for a BandAid-like situation, but it didn’t hurt whatsoever. Wash the cups under warm water, pat dry, and re-apply the plastic wrappers until next time. That’s it! And if you take care of the bra, it should last for well over a year.

So next time you find yourself in love with a backless dress or shirt, don’t put it back on the shelf. Think of the style possibilities. The stick-on bra is €30 at Hunkemoller which is well worth the investment!

Click here to order a stick-on bra online; they’re available in black and nude. Don’t forget the tip to go down a cup size!


photo 5Text: Lydia Parafianowicz


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