New brand in beauty-land: Indie Lee

photo 3Everyone listen up: there’s a new skincare brand in town and you’re going to want to know about it. Indie Lee is brand with an inspiring story that will warm your heart – and change the way you think about your skin.

In 2009, American Indie Lee was diagnosed with a rare brain tumour and told she could die within six months – so she took it upon herself to found her own namesake brand. Suddenly very aware of the chemicals she was absorbing through her skin, she wanted to create eco-friendly, natural products with non-toxic formulas free from parabens, chemicals and synthetics. We’re happy to inform you that Indie’s surgery was successful, leaving her with a new outlook on life and a mission to share her beauty brand with the world.


Since then, Indie Lee has become a cult favourite known for its miracle formulas that really work. The Squalane Facial Oil has been dubbed a hero product for its ability to diminish age spots and boost cell regeneration, while leaving skin smooth, dewy and moisturized (but not greasy). Celebs like Molly Sims and Lena Dunham have proclaimed their love for the vegan concoction.

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I also tried the Brightening Cleanser, which is a best-seller for good reason. The antioxidant-rich gel leaves skin feeling light, bright and moisturized, while gently removing makeup. What’s more, if you leave it on your skin for five to 10 minutes, it doubles as an exfoliating mask. Oh, and it smells faintly of strawberries – what’s not to love?


photo 2Indie Lee has been featured in People, Women’s Health, Stylist, Marie Claire and Nylon – to name a few – and Cosmopolitan magazine even named it the most inspiring beauty brand ever.

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These must-have products are available through Indie Lee’s website, which ships to the Netherlands (yipee!).

Text: Lydia Parafianowicz

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