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Fashion and cats: PUSS PUSS Magazine

pusspuss1Attention all cat-lovers: if you’re not familiar with this magazine it’s time to get off the couch and hit the nearest magazine shop! This London based independent fashion magazine unites two of yours truly’s favourite: fashion and kitties.

Don’t expect grooming tips, outfits for your cat or advice on the best cat food brands.


PUSS PUSS is a stylish publication for culture-, fashion-, music- and cat lovers. Expect high end fashion, beautiful photography, quirky illustrations and intelligent interviews. The magazine is produced by a mix of established creatives as well as up-and-coming talents from around the globe.

pusspuss3 pusspuss4

The second issue is out now and contains an interview with fashion designer and catlover-extraordinaire Charlotte Olympia whose cat-inspired flats are loved and worn all over the world.


This issue also contains two fashion photoshoots with a special guest appearance by – who else – cats, in the series ‘Cat fight’ and ‘Kittens and Heels’. Read all about the most famous resident hotel cats of the world, from New York to Nice, who live a more lavish lifestyle than most of us humans. PUSS PUSS also collected the most famous felines on the silver screen, because we all know the presence of a cat can instantly lift any film.

€16,90 at Atheneum Bookshop

Text: Isabelle Disse

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