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Friday Fashion Envy: Brixton Festival Hats


brixton_hats_vegaWe’re right in the middle of festival season, so this brand comes in quite handy! I’m talking about Brixton hats, a collaboration of three friends who love music, culture and their social circles and wanted to create something that represents their lifestyle. From panamas to a sophisticated floppy and to a laidback straw hat – there’s something for every head.

For summer 2015 Brixton hats created an unique line of festival hats. With influences from the British country style and 70s Woodstock, the collection turned out to be chic and bohemian with a bit of hippie-love. My personal favourite is the Mayfield hat in moss green, which can be worn by both men and women. But also the Ranger hat is very trending this season, especially amongst men. Us ladies will probably adopt this hat-trend very soon, since we take everything from our boyfriend (see: jeans, shirts, sweaters).



I myself am a true hat-girl, but I’ve got quite a small head, which means I can almost never find a hat that fits well. Luckily at Brixton hats you got several sizes, from XS to XL.

What’s cool about Brixton is that’s it more of a cool surfer dude label than a high-fashion brand. I see myself sharing my hat with my boyfriend – too bad for him that he’s got a big head though…

Got a festival planned? Check out their collection of festival hats and make sure you’ll be the best-dressed festival guest next time!

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Text: Sacha de Vries


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