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Best Budget Buy: BucketFeet

flamingos_w_3Art connects people. But even better through shoes, if we have to believe the BucketFeet concept.

So they’ve come up with an accessible combination of art on shoes and their motto is ’If your feet are happy, you are happy!’


The art on the shoes is not only created by artists from a worldwide community, but also by other creative individuals like you and me. Just submit to become a BucketFeet artist on the site. Not all designs make the cut to be featured on the BucketFeet shoes, still “another subset of those artists are used for content, so we also tell the stories of those artists because that’s a big part of our mission.” Nemani, one of the founders, tells Forbes.

BucketFeet launched in 2011 after a chance meeting in Argentina between two strangers – one an artist (Aaron Firestein) and one who was backpacking around the world (Raaja Nemani). A pair of hand-drawn shoes ended up inspiring thousands of conversations with amazing people on six continents, and showed them the power of art to bring people together. Based in Chicago, BucketFeet is on a mission to connect people through art by tapping into the creativity and diversity of the world.

The brand offers slip-ons, lace-ups, mid-tops and flip-flops and just opened shop on the corner of the Rokin 80-82 in Amsterdam. It was an opening to remember as we had our first tattoo set there by InkDistrict. That’s art too you know ;)


We’ve selected some of our fave BucketFeet models here for you. Enjoy!

pineappleadegold_w_3_1 savusavulace_w_3 geoslipon_w_4 monogram_wu_4

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