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A different view on Amsterdam with the Canon EOS M3

Canon_EOS-M3_5A few weeks ago we’ve got the chance to test new Canon cameras with a little competition element added to the whole: capture Amsterdam from a different angle.

Amsterdam is so easily recognizable through its landmarks that we’re wondering if you can guess some of the places where we took these pictures…

Canon_EOS-M3_6 Canon_EOS-M3_8

We’ve tried and tested the Canon EOS M3, a brand new system camera which is powerful, fast and compact. It captures in the same quality as an SLR camera, and it’s the ideal cam for citytrips. I was so hooked on this baby that I’ve tested it again and more extensively during a trip to Nice (full visual report on the site soon).

Canon_EOS-M3_1 Canon_EOS-M3_2

Canon_EOS-M3_3 Canon_EOS-M3_4

We’re no professional photographers but passionate hobbyists, so the usability of the camera doesn’t so much lie in the technical features. It’s the speed and the quality of image that counts most. For those who are interested in what this camera has to offer, find it here.

Canon_EOS-M3_9 Canon_EOS-M3_10 Canon_EOS-M3_11 Canon_EOS-M3_12

In the meantime we’re gonna play around with the M3 a bit more and hopefully soon adopt it as our new ‘badass image making buddy’.

All images © The Digitalistas, captured with the EOS M3


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