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Storie di Stile | Explore Catania | Polpetteria

PolpetteriaIt’s a wrap! This is the 10th and last of our discoveries in Catania for Storie di Stile

In the meantime, the style guide with all hundred discoveries of fabulous Italian style is completed. Check it out here.

Our last dinner in Catania was at this specific spot: Polpetteria. Again in our much coveted alley ‘Via Santa Filomena.’ ‘Polpette’ are Italian meatballs, which, of course, directly appealed to the guys.

We have to admit we expected a plate of small meatballs, somewhat like the Spanish albondigas but prepared the Italian way. My mom sometimes makes polpette, and even when I looked it up on Google (I was absolutely convinced there was a size issue here) it didn’t look anything like we got served.


However, hard work makes hungry. The restaurant has a nice vintage-inspired vibe and we could sit outside to soak up Catania’s Friday night vibe before going back home the next morning. Watch the video of Polpetteria here.



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