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#malemadnessmonday: the all ‘brave’ Liam Hemsworth

diesel_liamhemsworthWhat can we say, the Hemsworth brothers are both very goodlooking specimen. These looks are not restricted to the silver screen, they embellish glossy print magazines as well.

The lastest news is that Liam was announced the new -and first internationally renowned- face of DIESEL’s Only The Brave fragrance. The campaign will debut across Europe this July as the next installment of the Only The Brave saga.

Andrea Rosso : “The brave one is characterized by his strength, his determination and most of all his ability to live life bravely on his own terms. I think that Liam embodies these qualities, I am happy to have him representing ONLY THE BRAVE.”

We imagined you’d be ‘hungry’ (lil’ Hunger Games-pun here. Ha!) for a sneak preview, so you’re very welcome ;)

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